Friday, July 12, 2013

The Pipes of San Patricio

While this doesn't add to the ongoing conversation about where our town of San Patricio got it's name, it is an interesting bit of Mexican lore. In August this group plans to go to Scotland and Ireland for an international competition. My interest in Bagpipes was piqued back in '98-'99 when I saw a group playing on a Xochimilco party boat. Didn't realize till now there is a formal group that performs around the country. Either they hire out for occasions or these folk just like to party.

A Blurb from their website
The Pipe Band of San Patricio Battalion is the only pipe band in Mexico. Founded in 1997, the year that marks the 150th anniversary of the heroic deeds of that group of Irish and Scottish soldiers who fought for Mexico during the American War in 1847. 
The Mission of the band is to spread the music of bagpipes in our country and honor the memory of the members of the San Patricio Battalion who gave their lives for Mexico.

La Banda de Gaitas del Batallón de San Patricio


Steve Cotton said...

Interesting post. I have put my name research on hold. I suspect there is no documentation one way or other -- as is true with a lot of Mexican history. We may merely be forced to live with the myth. After all,even though most historians agree that no cadets threw themselves off of the heights of Chapultepec Castle during the American invasion of Mexico City in 1847, you see it quoted in popular myth to this day. It serves its purpose. Like George Washington and the cherry tree.

sparks said...

Just had to throw the naming issue in for any locals that might read. Not an issue in my book and fits the scale of our tiny town?

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