Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sapo y Gato Amigos

Well not exactly amigos but they don't bother each other.  There are two toads that live in the yard and they usually don't come out till dark.  We were playing in the pool about 6pm last night when I noticed this.   I guess somewhere along the line Tomas the cat has figured out toads should be left alone even though he'll kill just about every other small creature in the yard.  Coyota the dog ignores the sapos as well.   My only complaint is cleaning up their poop every morning.  They must eat a lot of something.


Andean said...

What a sweet photo!

Barbara said...

GREAT photo!

sparks said...

I suddenly have another complaint. Today in broad daylight one of the toads was sitting in the middle of my dogs dish, probably gorging himself while the dog watched. Grrrrrr ...

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