Thursday, July 04, 2013


This is my Albahaca or Basil that has produced the best results of anything I've planted by seed with the Cherry tomatoes coming in second. It's really a beautiful plant and great for cooking Italian or anything else. Both I and my neighbors grab leaves as we walk by and eat them raw. Plant smells great too. The flowers are beautiful but that means the plant is going to seed and I read if you cut the flowers off you prolong plant growth. Currently it's about 5 months old

I ran across the web page of Dr. Leslie Korn with a link below who writes a lot about herbs and traditional medicine, much of which is in Western Mexico.

In Western Mexico, particularly in the Bahia de Banderas indigenous peoples use basil as a topical anti-inflammatory, combined either with fresh manteca (lard) or with olive oil. The Basil leaves are mixed in a molcajete with the lard or oil and then applied to inflamed joints such as the knees. Manteca is especially rich in Omega 3's and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This mixture will stay potent for several days when kept cool.
Dr. Leslie Korn - Albahaca / Ocimum basilicum / Basil


Tancho said...

Lucky guy that it grows so profusely in your area. I have tried, even indoors and to little avail, It loves heat which we have very limited along with short growing seasons. One of these days I may invest in a green house!
I love to use it in so many dishes, it is hard to live without.

Steve Cotton said...

Add some pine nuts, and you would have a great pesto to eat while using it as a poultice.

sparks said...

Seeds came from up north so haven't looked down here. Probably will let one branch go to seed, collect the seeds and dry a bunch of leaves. Sure don't want this to be my last one

John Calypso said...

Hopefully non-Monsanto GMO seeds.

sparks said...

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