Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pulseras are the in thing

Pulseras are actually bracelets of any kind but the newest craze is these multi-colored cheap ones.  They have "stylish" sayings (de moda) and a package of 12 is only 10-12 pesos at your local store.   Hurry before the fad changes and these fall out of favor.  Mostly kids are wearing them but a number of adults too.   The more the better to be cool.   I have two the kids left in the pool.

Pulseras De Silicon Con Frases De Moda Pket Con 12pzas - 10 pesos


Leslie Limon said...

My kids all have a ton of these! :P

sparks said...

Interesting what holds the attention of the kids for few months. What ever happened to the game with Tapas on every sidewalk

Leslie Limon said...

Tazos are SO two years ago. LOL! It is very interesting what fads catch on with the kids. They rarely ever last long. These bracelets will be old news before school starts up again in August.

sparks said...

Two years is why I forgot they were Tazos

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