Monday, March 28, 2016

First Sandia of our season

There was another large crop about a month ago but another is almost ready. A local neighbor kid brought this over and it's close but only sweet in the center. Like most fruit eaten here, it's with salt, lime and a little  Valentina salsa. 

A little white around the edges

Nahima the clown

Fully dressed with extras

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Two nights of Globos

I saw these at Chely's on the meat counter for 15 pesos. I bought one and everybody enjoyed it so much I bought two more the next day. Kids and even grandma came over the second night. I was surprised at how far they flew even with very little wind. I'm sure to Barra or Aguacate. Posted on Tomzap and was criticized for "littering" but what do you expect from Tomzap. They are not a fire hazard because they stay in the air until the flame goes out.

An orange one

Night two - a white one

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cumpleaños de María

A kiss from Danny
Un beso de Danny

Cut the cake Grandma

Birthday was Saturday but we had the party Sunday. At what age do you stop with candles I don't know but you'd need both cakes for 86.

Very good carne asada, lots of kids and good conversation. I finally had to leave after our stream of consciousness neighbor came over to bogart the airwaves. The final straw was him telling us about the millions of dams in the United States being decommissioned because they were no longer financially effective. Oh well !!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Republican Party

I'm really surprised at how many people I know disagree with my politics. I mean Trump as President is equal to the end of the world to me .... yet some people want to give him a break or benefit of the doubt.

While I'm a Bernie supporter because I don't think Hillary is radical and creative enough ..... Trump supporters are insane.  I truly hope someone or some group finds a way to put Trump out of his misery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chainsaw lumber

I've been wanting to get a good look at the guys while cutting. I can't imagine they cut this palm without some kind of guide to stop them from wandering all over. Maybe they just snap a chalk line? The guys that built my palapa did the same thing but I wasn't interested in the wood cutting process then.

These palms are in a very old mango orchard and both the mangoes and palms were damaged in Hurricane Patricia. They've cut and cleaned up many of the mangoes so they can get in for the wood. Still many people cook on an open fire so the mangoes will get used someday.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Homework for today

Yare (in Secondaria) comes over for her Internet homework a few times a week and she can do everything herself including searching, cut-n-paste into Word, setup the printer ... and close it all down. A few months ago she brought over a neighbor who is in our local Primary school .... and three more classmates. 

Problem is the Primary school girl needs my help with all of it. It's OK with me because she always comes over with interesting projects and is not quite ready for computer lessons. We spent over a half hour yesterday trying to find the best search phrase ...... and finally found what we wanted with "palabras de cancion  de lengua indigenous mexico". The site had side-by-side words with a Spanish translation. Neither of the girls can read it but the Spanish next to each phrase is perfect.

Le' sti nñia'

Hralidxi nñia' napa ti le'
hra hruzee ne hruchuugu' guie'
guirá siado'

Hruuya' hriguni lu xpido'
hrunduuba' shixhe' ndani' yoo'
ñuladxi' piou

Ne ma biza'ya' ti bizé
pa gusibaa pa gusiguie
de shuga dxaa

Hriuuladxe' guuya' guiraa' guie'stiá
guiraa' biduaa bizuguá' nñia'
nuu ca naga'.

Pa ñedaguuyalu'
hra le' huiini sti nñia'
ora cusee
ñuladxi' lu'

De zitu hriuushiilu' yú
ñuladxu' purti sicarú
ñuuyu' gundani la'sa yú
ne sapandú

Hralidxi nñia' huadxí siado'
binni huará nuu ladxidó'
ma canasí'
shisha gucuí pa biaba gui
hralidxi ñiá' guiráni' nuu
de pitu yú zadxe'lu para stuíi

Sicarú nga gápu ti le'
ndanini gápu ti bizé
dxaa guirá dxi

De mani' huiini zee lu bi
zuuya'ni ziete
ne za'bí

Ne lii napu nisa guzeu'
nisa gueu' ne ni quíbineu
ni hrisaa' neu'

Pur ti pa zitu nuu bizé
shianga naná ni ora que
paraa ndi cheu'

Ca guie' guchí ca guie' shiña'
Guie' quichi' ne guiraa' ga'
hra le' sti nñia'

Na' hracanía' lá ma cuzee'
pur lánga bine' dxa bizé
ti nadxiie lá

Naa ma chiluuxhe'
ma chibiee'
nashudxe' ma stale güee'
yanna ma chaa'

Pacaa zadxiichi' na chabé
pa guiua' hra yoo'
nashudxe' dxe'
zaguiñe' na'

Cani' canié' hri laa dxandi'
que chi gusiaandatu' ni
qui hrinié siá

Dxandi' nga bine' dxa bizé
ne dxandi'nga nñia' chabé
de neza guiá'

Hralidxi nñia' huadxísiado'
binnihuará nuu ladxidó
ma canazíi
shisha gucui pa biaba gui
hrali dxi nñia' guiráni' nuu
de pitu yú zadxe'lu para stuíi

Letra de César López

Letras de canciones populares en diidxazá y castellano (Spanish)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Climate Change Deniers - About time

Gotta love the GOP

Don't know if anything will come of it but these morons need to be called out. Gheesh .... I guess this is more politics.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch acknowledged Wednesday that there have been discussions within the Department of Justice about possibly pursuing civil action against so-called climate change deniers.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) raised the issue, drawing a comparison between possible civil action against climate change deniers and civil action that the Clinton administration pursued against the tobacco industry for claiming that the science behind the dangers of tobacco was unsettled.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

A busy 3 weeks ahead

Carnaval rides


The San Patricio - Saint Patricks week long celebration is supposed to start 10 days before Saint Patricks Day ..... and that would mean it starts tomorrow the 7th. Then we have the last day of school on Friday to start the Semana Santa vacation and that is for two weeks.

The carnival rides are set up in their usual place and I assume are open this weekend but I haven't been downtown at night. I'm not sure when is the big final Castillo night .... and there might be one almost every night. In the past, most of the surrounding communities will take their turns building the Castillo structure so there is lots of variety. After the San Patricio party, Melaque will be flooded with Semana Santa vacationers. I suggest getting all your important business taken care of before the craziness. 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Frankenstein in our midst

Republicans have spent the past eight years stoking the fires of resentment and hatred, preparing the ground for Donald Trump’s rise. From their rhetoric to their actions, Republicans have stoked the flames of hatred, anger and vitriol. Trump is the ultimate fulfillment of the Republican Party’s legacy of obstruction and resentment.

Republicans aren’t the victims of Donald Trump’s rise; they are the perpetrators of it.

Now, it is up to Republicans to try and undo what they have done by denouncing Donald Trump. It’s time for them to stop the Frankenstein they created.

Senator Harry Reid

I simply couldn't resist

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

El Naranjo II - A forty year project

Not exactly 40 but the original plans sat quiet for 30 years until about 2008. A friend and I went up there a few times and the first time only the spillway was started and nothing on the dam. We got a tour of the spillway and power generating section from an engineer. Security was very loose back then but they won't let you near it now. When hurricane Jova came through all the work they had done was washed down river. Another time they had a cement base about half way across the valley. Just found this article from late last year and they have made progress.

Colima, Mexico, Advanced (18-12-2015) .- For over forty years, farmers in the region of Manzanillo and Cihuatlán have expected a reality of the promise of building a dam on the banks of the River Marabasco, but after countless obstacles, setbacks and unfulfilled government commitments, currently the work has not even reached 50 percent of its construction.

The first project, called El Naranjo, was drafted in 1971 but remained stagnant over thirty years.

In 2003, the theme was taken up by the federal deputy Roberto Preciado Cuevas under the name El Naranjo II, and a year later was adopted by Governor Gustavo Vazquez Montes, but both died in February 2005 when the state government plane crashed in Michoacan, while returning from Mexico city.

The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

Sparks Mexico Web
Manzanillo Information
House building in Pinal Villa

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