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Puerto Vallarta’s history began when it was founded in 1851. Back then, the port was used for trading salt and minerals for the mines in San Sebastian and Cuale. It was founded by Don Guadalupe Sanchez, who initially named it Las Peñas de Santa Maria de Guadalupe. The name was eventually modified to Puerto de Las Peñas, or Port of the Rocks. The name was again changed in 1918, the year the town was declared a municipality under the name of Puerto Vallarta - named for the governor of the state Ignacio Luis Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta’s popularity rose in the 1950's, when the town's airport first opened. The flights brought in people from all over the world, including famous Hollywood director John Huston. Puerto Vallarta became known worldwide when, in 1963, John Huston filmed the movie version of The Night of the Iguana in the town.

Since then, more and more travelers have visited and continue to visit Puerto Vallarta. In 1968, Puerto Vallarta became a city in Mexico. A highway was built to connect Compostela to Barra de Navidad. In 1970, Puerto Vallarta’s international airport opened up, making way for international and commercial flights.

Almost all my experience in Vallarta is in the "Old Town" section, also known as the Romantic Zone. This part of Vallarta is more user friendly, easier to walk and more attractive if you appreciate older Mexico. All the larger shopping stores are out by the airport and the US Consulate is in Nuevo Vallarta.

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