Sunday, September 14, 2014

Woodinville Farmers Market

Sure enough the Farmers Market was where it was a few year ago, near the City Hall.  The season is winding down and the final Saturday will be the 27th of this month. Growing season is relatively short up here in the north. There were only about 10 booths which is less than half the number of mid-summer.

District Farmers Markets in Seattle are fairly new and something I wasn't able to enjoy in Ballard back in 2005. Probably 4-5 years ago they began closing Ballard Avenue on Sundays for a Farmers and Artisan Market. Fun place to hang out. The real Farmers Market of course is the Pike Place Market downtown and it's been around forever.

Bautista Farms from Yakima

Bautista Farms from Yakima - nice veggies

There were 3 flower booths

Blue Berry and Raspberry

Friday, September 12, 2014

La Princesa Market - Woodinville

My sister told me this was a new store in town so I stopped by to check it out. Not that Latin American restaurants and stores are rare around here but this is new and the only one I know of in Woodenville. The woman owner greeted me in Spanish as if no big deal.  I told her I was just checking it out in Spanish ... and her attention was quickly taken by 6-8 customers that came in. Very much like a Mini Super in Mexico except brands found mostly in the US. There's a farmers market here this weekend and I'm told a Mexican from Yakima shows up so looking forward to that.

La Princesa Market

Pinatas and Pan


La Raza and other Spanish language papers

They (Wash. State) have reduced the number of drivers licence places dramatically and when looking online for the closest location there was a link to a "Renew On Line" page. A little info and $54 later I was renewed and told they would mail it in a few weeks.  Another thing to cross off my to do list.

All my Amazon stuff arrived including the "good enough" Sony Cyber-Shot camera I used above. Nice cute little camera about the same size as my IPhone but takes better pictures. Shopping at second hand stores is going well with lots of sheets and a few clothes. Between a senior discount and the discount colored tag of the day prices are reasonable.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Handling Crocs here s fairly common

This big boy was in the Jaluco Canal near houses and kids playing

Putting him in the La Manzanilla lagoon

Below is a capture close to the beach where tourists pass

Crocodylus acutus or Pancho the Croc is 3.83 meters and was in a body of water where there is a high traffic of people,Tourists were scared as they should be but they were still getting too close. It was re-located as a preventive measure. Armando Rubio and Biol. Luis Angel Tello along with enthusiastic people of Ejido La Manzanilla performed operation. La Manzanilla works in S.O.S. Program DGVS crocodile conservation, care, rehabilitation, rescue, environmental education and conflict prevention in the Crocodile Lagoon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Storm I Will Miss

Tropical Storm Odile
a French saint

Because I'm up in rainy Seattle.  Sunday was bright, blue and almost warm. Now I'm waiting for a little sunshine so I can do some sightseeing, shopping and business.

The flight Saturday was pretty uneventful except it had been awhile and I was not prepared for uncomfortable seats and cool temperatures. No longer do flights supply blankets and pillows I was happily informed by the Stewardess. The plane on the leg to LA seemed new with nice seats and a not out of control air conditioning. The flight to Seattle was not as comfortable but I grabbed some warm clothes out of my suitcase when we switched planes. BTW - the flight is Alaska

One odd thing that happened entering LA was that I was told by security (TSA) I was "flagged" for the alternate security lane. The procedure was the same except I didn't have to take my shoes off and no waiting in line. I asked the TSA people and they had no idea why. Whatever sets the flags for TSA is total BS since I've never given them a reason.  Oh well, I went through security before most people on our flight.

Well ... two more weeks here and I'll see if I can find a few interesting things to do and get a few fotos.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

After the storm - Norbert

More water than I have seen since Jova ... but I wasn't in Pinal for Jova. Looks to be the Agua Portable pipe for Melaque and Pinal has been uncovered. About a foot of earth has been removed from the road bed. Further toward Melaque that is usually a road, not a river.  A neighbors dad lives on that road and said water was over a foot higher and came through his house.  I didn't drive into school in Melaque because water was bumper deep on the road ... and there are holes a foot or two deeper.

Water pipe showing

River by flooded house

He wanted me to see the mess

Another 100 yards and that truck was bumper deep

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The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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House building in Pinal Villa
Costalegre Message Board
Euriel School Fund

Euriel School Fund

July 27. 2014

This is Euriel who is just entering his third and final year in Secondary school. Euriel has a number of disabilities but number one is motor control making it impossible for him to walk 2 miles to school in Melaque. I have been his school bus driver this last 2 years because his parents can't afford a car or motor bike. He could use a little help with school supplies and uniform costs.

His oldest sister will join him this year in Secondary and the youngest starts kindergarten both needing uniforms

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