Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Non Proactive CFE

It took me 3 weeks and mutiple tries to get CFE out to cut a mango tree that was growing around my power lines to the house. Has to be done twice a year because they won't cut the whole tree down that is almost growing in the street.

Ok so they miss my house or a few others because they are less important than the main power lines .... but they are ignoring the main lines as well.  After the Monday morning storm there were close to 30 CFE guys out with chain saws and machetes cleaning up the mess and making a mess. CFE never cleans up after.

So power went out about 5AM and it took them 'till after 10 to fix the problem.  Power back on for a 1/2 hour and out again until after 4PM while they cut many, many trees down to a safe level. Just for good measure they cut the power again about 6PM for 10 minutes. I went outside and bellowed my feelings at CFE and they may have actually heard me.

Main road mess - partly storm and partly CFE

Huge tree near my house

All machete work

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ayn Rand Disease

Most of my friends and contacts on Facebook lean to the left or way to the left .... so even though there is some good news, much of it is exposure of some totally insane plan from the Tea Party GOP.  Can't stand ObamaCare because it has his name on it, wanna sue Obama for Benghazi or some minor detail of ObamaCare for the 10th time.   Bitter unhappy people that are willing to bring the whole economy and government to a standstill rather than find solutions that work.

Since the GOP won't move beyond "get rid of Obama" it's really hard to tell what agenda they would try to follow if elected. The closest I can come is they are afflicted by the Ayn Rand Disease,  at least GOP up-and-comer Paul Ryan is hooked.  Problem is he didn't see the complete person and her view of Religion as Evil is not go well with the Christian Right.  The me-first, trickle down economics may have been what he had in mind.

These me-first, anti-socialism sad examples of humanity are still everywhere but I'm always hoping there will be less and less. One of these jerks really got to me yesterday on a friends blog about a Andrés Manuel López Obrador visit to Melaque.  This jerk's reply was -- AMLO is a semi-literate demagogue. I do so wish something unpleasant would happen to him.  It's not anti Obama but it's just his ever present nasty negativism that he displays on his Blog as well.   This YoYo has been off my Blog Roll for a long time.

I'm the only one who challenged the jerk including the Blog owner so had to have my say here. I hope pier review or a popularity contest wasn't why something wasn't said.  So here are a couple of ant-GOP and anti-Rand videos you should enjoy.

The Ayn Rand Disease on America - Paul Ryan's hero

Stephen Colbert vs Ayn Rand?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Three hours of thunder and lightning brings out UFO's

About 5 AM this morning I awoke to huge bangs of thunder right over the house and what sounded like a few things falling. About 10 minutes later the power went out and I knew my night's sleep was over. I don't remember 3 hours of a constantly lit sky with every type of lightning there is just one after the other.    Was a memorable night.

Sleeping without a fan in this weather is just about impossible for me and at least I wanted my flashlight.  My most favorite house keeper had just finished the whole house the day before and she moves everything if only a little bit.  In total dark a few inches was too much for me. Then I thought of candles but I needed matches. After our carne asada yesterday the matches were left out but I remembered another box in the bodega ... maybe for the plumbing torch? So with the candles I found the flashlights so staying cool and entertaining myself 'till light was all that was left.

I usually have two security lights on outside so thought a candle or two would replace. I was going to jump into a hammock under the palapa so I put one candle on the table and another on the swing next to the pool. That's when things started to get weird.  Now I could have been swinging in the hammock for these fotos, the wind was blowing the swing ...... or the mighty storm awakened a couple UFO's

Lightning illuminated candle over the pool

I have no idea

I did find a mess in the yard, my palapa lost 1/2 it's palapas, the extension ladder was almost blown off the roof and a plastic storm window was blown out.   Over all not much rain which would have only complicated recovering from the wind damage.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren should go for President with Bernie Sanders as a running mate - the only two people on Capital Hill who tell it like it is. The rest - in both parties - are corporate sycophants.   Main problem is running as an Independent.  The Dems won't nominate her, the Repugnants sure won't.  Bernie is an Independent and isn't going to change

Eizabeth Warren has been crystal clear about her plans. The Massachusetts senator says she is not running for president in 2016, and she hopes that Hillary Rodham Clinton will. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of liberal fans out there hoping she’ll change her mind.

Ready for Warren Website

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is a Florida Governor

Rick Scott - psycho dude

And we wonder what has happened to the USofA

Another one from Arizona
Frank Riggs, Arizona Governor candidate,  who promises to strongly repeal Common Core, strongly stop Medicaid expansion so that the poor's won’t be burdened with health insurance, etc   He works out so he can say strongly on his issues.   Just another psycho dude !!!

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