Friday, February 12, 2016

Sauce llorón

We came back from Melaque via Jaluco because Lorena said there was a tree along the road she liked and hoped to find a young one to plant in her yard. Sadly even the smaller ones were too tough to pull up. She wrote down the name and said I should look it up on the Internet. She only knew it as a "Sauce" and of course that only produced lots of food links. When I added "tree or arbol" up came what I was looking for both in Spanish a English. She pronounced it "sow-say" and Sauce llorón translates to weeping willow. Very interesting little project and I wish I had room for another tree.

Translated from Spanish
The weeping willow is a tree of the family Salicaceae, whose scientific or Latin name is Salix babylonica because at first it was thought that came from Mesopotamia and specifically in the area of Babylon, but later he concluded that their home is in northern China. Today its geographic distribution covers virtually everyone.

The appearance of the willow tree , with branches and leaves hanging to the ground evoking sadness and melancholy , have made ​​this tree a constant source of inspiration for literature. Mentioned by authors such as Gustavo Adolfo Becker at his rhymes, or Shakespeare in Othello, the weeping willow has also inspired countless stories, legends and poetry in all ages.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Beez were buzzing

Thought they would be easier to see

A branch on my palm is in flower and as I walked by it sounded like a beehive. There were so many bees I'm surprised a few more didn't show up. These guys were not aggressive and let me stick the camera real close. Last bee encounter was a bunch of hives in a mango orchard that I ran across when  walking my dog. Maybe the difference was a hive is where they live and were being protective .... but they chased us both for a few hundred feet. I was convinced they must have been breeding with those African bees, The bees they used to pollinate orchards in Washington were totally docile. 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Shrooms in my compost

I had to give up on the mushroom search in both Spanish and English. Nothing even close. I found this yesterday next to my compost pile. I see lots of little ones mostly in the lawn but never a large one like this. All I know is you don't eat mushrooms if you don't know what they are. This one is at least 8 inches across. It was next to all my other volunteers in the compost; tomatoes, papayas and this.

Table top mushroom

8 to 10 inches across

All the other volunteers

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Some road rules for visiting Gringos

When walking in  the middle of the street and a car pulls up and stops waiting for you to get out of the way .... don't have a terrible frown on your face and keep frowning when you finally move.  And then slap the side of the car as it drives by. Really the wrong attitude for a vacation in paradise.

For bicyclers, especially those that are not very good at it, when on a narrow dirt road like the one to Pinal Villa, ride single file please so a car does not have to squeeze between you.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Colores y Sabores en Barra

I went over to Barra to get a free computer yesterday from "Fast Eddie" and decided to check out the 3 day event - Colores y Sabores - on the Barra Plaza. Lots of Colores but no Sabores. Maybe later in the day along with the music and dancing. Lots like a Tianguis but almost all crafts. Pretty cool stuff but nothing I needed.

Every time I've been in Barra the old fotos museum has been closed but yesterday it was open. I only took the one foto as I thought they might not like cameras and a flash. Nice collection if you can find it open. It's located in the Hotel Tropical

He's all dressed up - maybe Oaxaca 


Little purses - all for women

Camping on te beach before the Malecon

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