Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Sisters on the computer

When the girls and mom are over using my "automatic" washing machines, Yari the 12 year old likes to kill time using my Internet. Facebook is popular and less expensive on a computer than her Cel Fone. This is the first time Nahima, aged 5, has been really interested. Yari does her homework (a lot of it) on that computer. She knows how to plug in the USB printer, load paper, use Google search and cut and paste text and graphics into MS Word to print.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Volunteer Ferns

At least I never knowingly bought them. The heavy duty broad leaf ones have been doing well in my planter for quite awhile and I even transplanted a few to pots. Suddenly a few weeks ago I saw two new branches pop up with the yet unborn leaves rolled into a ball ready to be unfurled. Much to my surprise it's a different type of fern with much more delicate leaves. The broad leaf ferns don't send out new branches like that, at least that I've noticed. I do remember large ferns on the Olympic Peninsula using that frond unfurling method.

Almost everything I bought at nursery's (vivero's) came with another plant or two, sometimes knowingly and others snuck in the back door. The orange/pink plant below I have no idea where it came from or what it is but it produces a lot of seeds and spreads. Another is Noche Buena or Poinsettia. This Noche Buena does not get totally red leaves, just a little red in he middle. It keeps popping up all over the yard well after I've pulled up all the old and tired ones

Young delicate frond popping up

With 12,000 species I don't expect know which is which

Broad leaves in planter with unknown 

Two unknowns but I'm assuming the lower is a weed
From Facebook the orange identified as Crossandra

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pool attractions and Pan

Saw these reflections in the pool last night and had to try to capture it. Pretty close

Interesting how bugs have seasons for activity. The last couple of days it's been Dragonfly's collecting in the pool. A few weeks ago it was flying ants. Dragonfly's do it during the day and the ants were at night. I assume they want a drink and misjudge how to get it. Seems I remember Dragonfly's dipping down over lakes and ponds up north. I've saved a few but 20+ didn't make it.

Palapa and palm reflection 

Dragonfly in pool - what's the attraction?

We have a relatively new street vendor that I assume goes all over the area. A couple of months ago was the first time I've heard him. I checked out his wares a few days ago and he only sell sweet breads so I passed. He's not quite as entertaining as Tin Tan but I like his music.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mushrooms, the pool, shrimp, watts and politics

But I'm gonna start with politics .......

Steve posted on his Blog about some poll/quiz you can take to tell you who to vote for or at least which candidate you lean toward. I'm not gonna take the "Test" because I know it's Bernie or Hillary for me but afraid Hillary is too middle of the road. 

Political discussions are going drive me nuts this coming year with people claiming Libertarian, Green, Independent or Constitution Parties leanings. I mean there are two parties in this country unless super nut-ball Donald Trump runs Independent. All these "alternative" candidates are running Republican and they are all certified nut cases. There's one wing-nut in Steve's conversation that still likes to throw around words like Commies and Socialism like they mean the end of the world. I get MSNBC News, Bill Maher, Bernie, Robert Reich on Facebook and besides a comment about the latest GOP WingNut that's the extent of political discussion for me.

Actually a fungi rather than a mushroom

There is no street water today so it's buckets of water out to the plants/trees in front of the house. Plus cleaning up the mess from the extremely dirty Almendra/Almond tree. That's when I noticed this mushroom/hongo growing behind the little palm. First of it's kind I've seen.

This past weekend we had a pool and shrimp party and a very relaxing afternoon. The girls are over 3-4 times a week with this warm weather and summer vacation. The shrimp are one size down from large and are 160 pesos a kilo or about $10us

Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo - Garlic Shrimp - Yum

I dug out this little meter I bought on Amazon a few years ago because my neighbors electric bill has been higher than normal. I'm noting the Watts and Amps used on my various appliances and will later compare with theirs. I kinda suspect their refrigerator that is not that old but still is rebuilt. My electric is never real high so I had little reason to use the meter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Knock, Knock

I fell asleep rather early last night watching Pirates of the Caribbean which is really a terrible movie but I'm sure it made billions and I had to (try to) watch it once. I awoke about 11 with the Blue Screen of Death on my TV which happens when rain clouds are rolling in. Shortly after the rain began I hear someone yelling out side my gate, no idea what he was saying but he came over to my open kitchen window and asked if I had ordered pizza. Of course I hadn't and off he went into the downpour and thunder  to continue his search. I should have said if you don't find your house I'll buy it but I was half asleep. From the level of my pool and others observations I'd say it totaled close to 3+ inches rain.

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The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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Euriel School Fund

Euriel School Fund

February 18. 2015

Euriel is ready to register for Prepa (Highschool) this month for the following August classes. We find that there is a one time registration fee of 595 pesos plus a few small start up fees. That is a big chunk for the family now and school supplies will wait a few months.

Euriel has a number of disabilities but number one is motor control making it impossible for him to walk 2 miles to school in Melaque. I have been his school bus driver this last 3 years because his parents can't afford a car or motor bike.

His oldest sister is doing fine in Secondary and the youngest will start kindergarten both needing uniforms

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