Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Tequila

Tequila is a cool little town and not at all what I remember when we passed through in '98/'99. Back then it looked much dirtier with no sidewalks along the highway and some pretty funky taco stands. Tequila has come a long way even though it seems to be in the middle of nowhere in a very dry valley. The plaza is off to the side of the main church and looks much less like the center of town as in other Mexican towns. They do have functions and meetings there and that's where the Tequila tour buses wait for tourists, but it's almost easy to miss.

Across the main street from the church is the Chapel of the Hospital del los Indios which used to be a Franciscan Hospital for the local Indians. The wide main street is one-way headed toward the church. The sidewalks are wide and lined with shops and seems to be where people see and want to be seen. Lots of country and western equipment stores.

We didn't take one of the distillery tour buses on the plaza as we had run into the Cofradia tour before we got there. Our hotel also had a distillery and tour but they didn't advertise or offer when we checked in. The young girl at the desk preferred to watch TV rather than do some extra business. We were the only ones in the hotel that had close to 100 rooms. Off season I guess.

Main church with plaza off to left

Chapel of the Hospital del los Indios

Inside Chapel of the Hospital del los Indios

The funky distillery tour bus 

Main street as it was getting dark

Need a hat?


Steve Cotton said...

I have never been to Tequila. Maybe I should make the trip before The Tribes start arriving in November.

Barbara said...

It was named a Publico Magicos. I presume due to additional federal funds that they cleaned up the town. I was there in the early 80's. It looked abandoned and disheartened at that time. It is a beautiful drive, or it used to be from PV to Tequila through the volcanic rock area...........great memories.

sparks said...

Driving up highway 70 from Vallarta thru Mascota would be the most direct route but must have been pretty primitive back in the '80's

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