Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Slim Pickens

And Slim be doin' the picken

I haven't been the biggest fan of Telcel for the last three years but since we have no Telmex phone or Internet service in our little community there aren't any other options.   I've come to realize a CEL phone is the way to go for flexibility but you need the right "plan" and the right phone.   I was taken in with the free IPhone if you pay upfront.  Also taken with the thought of Internet on the run.   Problem is I can't stand Internet on something as small as a phone so a smart phone 1/2 or 1/3 the price would have worked just fine .... and NOT Apple.

My first cheap Nokia died within months and Telcel said humidity voided the warranty.   Second cheap Nokia they gave me a Manzanillo prefix so my time flew off the phone.   Gift to neighbors.

Thinking I needed a real phone I was prepped to spend way more than I needed.  I guess being cool and up-to-date was part of it. So my free phone was an Iphone 3s when the model 4's had been out for about a year.   I didn't know the difference and Telcel was clearing their inventory.   The contract was for 2 years and within 6 months I knew I was wasting money on the extras.  Patiently, patiently I waited until last November when my bill jumped from 500 pesos to 1500.  Figured out that upgrading the Apple IOS turned everything Internet on and was on 24/7.  Not Telcel's fault but proof I did not need an Internet phone.   Finally was able to cancel in December at the end of 2 years with a very expensive final bill.

So about a week ago I received my bills via Email expecting only for this modem .... and sure enough there was my phone bill for January and February to the tune of 1000+ pesos.    Another trip to Telcel in Manzanillo and was told even though I had paid and canceled I was missing another piece of paper which I was never told about.  They also said I was using the phone in February for something but I had thrown the old SIM card away in January and bought a new Amigo - pay as you go plan.   Finally when asking for a supervisor the clerk changed her mind and I have another piece of paper that may be the official thing ???   Just checked my online account and it's still there ??

Also while trying to handle this by phone instead of another Manzanillo trip ..... the 800# only talking to help desk personnel charged my phone almost 40 pesos.   Slim is a pickin'    !!!! 


John Calypso said...

Your story is why we do not have cell phone(s). I am on the Internet a lot - every day. If you cannot get me by email or SKYPE then you cannot get me - period. It is occasionally a hassle not having a phone - but not anything near what you are going through.

sparks said...

The Iphone was about 3500 pesos I think but that may have been "last years model" price. At least it has not been a problem

My neighbors have a no-name brand that has a TV, Radio and everything mine has but the screen is small.

sparks said...

I don't mind paying 50-100 pesos a month for normal use .... but no way do I need or want 550 pesos of Internet. Didn't need the expense of the Iphone either. A learning experience

jennifer rose said...

I've been content with the LG middle-of-the-road cel I bought at Sanborns, coupled with prepaid cards for ages. A couple of years ago, when I was lusting after a fancier phone with a plan, the guy at the Telcel store looked at my phone history and told me that I was better off buying phones and cards instead of going with a plan. His store has since shuttered, but I have to credit him for honesty.

sparks said...

Well that's almost where I am now except the Iphone which is paid for.

Prepaid cards is another new one. How do you get time to your phone from the card. Right now I just pay at the local store

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