Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just say no to the CFE Smart Card Reader

CFE's newest gimmick that some are calling a scam.  Lots of news articles about technical difficulties with incorrect meter readings, over charging and the difficulty of dealing with the new system and CFE in general. 

Once you get on this program you become responsible for reading your meter with the card, taking the card to CFE and putting it in their machine for a printed bill .... and then paying it "once a month".  You are assigned a day of the month to read your meter and then probably have a few days to pay it. A whole new payment program.  Problem with this is if you don't do it correctly and on time your electricity will be shut off.  What if you go on vacation, what if you only live in Mexico part of the year, what if you have rentals,  what if you are not able to visit the nearest CFE office or it is very difficult to do so.  Supposedly prepayments won't be allowed so paying ahead for time you are gone may not be possible. 

Really ridiculous for CFE to think they can replace human meter readers with the public and a magic card.   Just remember this program is voluntary and you can decline even if they give the impression it's required.   And if you got into this program without understanding it .... go to CFE and cancel now !!


John Calypso said...

Not being able to pay ahead would be a disaster for us. At that CFE cutoff our power while we were gone for being ONE peso underpaid. Came back to disconnected power - grrrr. In any case as it is an option - it will be avoided - thanks.

Barbara said...

The clincher is, if they do turn off your power, which happened to the guest house have to find someone to turn it back on! CFE NEVER shows up to reconnect. NEVER! Don't get me started.
It will be a cold day in hell before I would go to that new program. I pray it doesn't become mandatory which would be so difficult for those of us who travel and aren't home each and every day!

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