Saturday, February 01, 2014

Amazing Mexican attitude

If you don't know one person in Mexico with a similar attitude then you are missing out on alot.

German Manuel Loza, better known as Larry Donas ("Larry Donuts" in English). From selling donuts on the streets in Mexicali to talk shows and signing a contract with Universal Music.

"I sold three donuts for 10 pesos or one for 4 pesos. For six donuts, a ballad was included,"

The songs were a mix of covers and originals penned by Loza, and were a huge hit with customers.

Some of them recorded the donut vendor's heartfelt performances with their smartphones and posted the videos on YouTube.

Those recordings became the catalyst for Loza's dramatic change of fortune.

The videos went viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of hits. Eventually his soaring popularity on social media networks attracted the attention of the local media and catapulted Larry Donas onto the national stage.

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