Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Highway 200 Robberies

You almost expect to hear about highway robberies along the Michoacan coast with the recent disruptions to the Templarios activities. Well last week some Gringos in an RV lost the jeep they were towing by being forced to stop and relieved of the jeep at gun point. They were near Coleta de Campos. Below is a foto they took from the RV as the jeep drove away. 

There it goes

You don't expect to hear about it in this area .... let alone a pattern of it.  Two nights in a row people were robbed on highway 200 between here and La Manzanilla near the El Tamarindo turnoff.   A good reason to reconsider driving at night if you don't have to.   Only day trips to La Manzanilla.  Another issue may be that this is taking place on the border of La Huerta and Cihuatlan Municipios - no mans land.

First persons report on the La Manzanilla message board
The robbery occurred last Wednesday, Feb 19, between 9 and 9:30 pm. Two men were in separate pickup trucks, one went in front of the victim's vehicle, the other behind. The one in front suddenly braked at the Tamarindo entrance and pulled the victim's vehicle over.  
Both men had guns and the victim was pistol-whipped and robbed of cash. The robbers were violent and spoke of gang connections.  
I was told the same thing happened the following night (Thursday Feb 20) to a different driver, also from La Manzanilla, in the same place, again around 9 pm. He was also pistol-whipped and robbed.  
There is no cell-phone reception in the area where the victims are being targeted. 

The victim I talked to is afraid to report it to anyone, for fear of his and his family's safety. He said the same would be true of other victims. 
Second persons report
I know for a fact that this is taking place on the highway. …The people involved have chosen not to put it on the board for now…but it was reported to the authorities...


John Calypso said...

There is some serious crime happening in Mexico - people that avoid the truth of this are not helping, You can gin up all the comparisons to Chicago and Watts you want - the bottom line is without the ability for any gringo to possess a gun and the almost total lack of police assistance and protection the playing field is not equal and we expats and Mexican visitors are at risk.

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