Saturday, February 15, 2014

Roadside flowers

I'll call them flowers but technically they are a wild grass that seems to do best along roads and highways of Mexico. You'll see small patches away from the roads but long ribbons of this grass line highways in many areas. Very noticeable along the highway to Manzanillo from our area where the only color is green except for two pink/orange ribbons. Took these photos on the dirt road along the Marabasco River.


Steve Cotton said...

The grass is an invasive specie, but I have always found it to be beautiful. There are spots along the highway to Manzanillo where the grass is backlit and gives off a rosy hue. It is a great country.

John Calypso said...

Mother Nature will have her way - And a lovely sight it often is ;-)

sparks said...

I've wanted to get one of those backlit photos with a stretch of highway off to the side but never a good one

norm said...

Walking in the back field yesterday, a foot or better of snow on the ground, I came on an acre of yellow grass of some native sort blowing in waves above the snow.I never mowed that field last summer because of how wet it was last summer-a good thing.

sparks said...

Nice ......

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