Thursday, February 20, 2014

Real local artesania in Melaque

The first foto is of a Cuastecomate fruit on the tree I took 5-6 years ago in Ranchito. The owner said something about medicinal qualities and you could make bowls of the shell. I've not seen the tree, the fruit or anything related since. One of the local gringos recently found this young guy that carves the shells into really nice pieces of art. It takes a couple hours of carving but can take over half a day in the hills looking for the trees. I waited until I spoke with the artist and bought some of his wares before I posted the related fotos and video. Still would like a little more info on the process ... like what is inside and how do you get it out.   Also are they seasonal and you can only work with them at this time of year.

I forgot from my original post with the older photo the fruit is actually a Tecomate and Cuastecomate means coastal Tecomate. Other common names for the tree are Calabash tree and Jicaro.   The Jícaro Artist in Costa Rica

Cuastecomate fruit in Ranchito

The "piggy bank" I just bought

A variety of designs and ages

Artist tools


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