Friday, February 07, 2014

Antigua Hacienda de Jaluco

I mentioned the old map with the Hacienda de Jaluco from the previous post to neighbors and they said, "Oh, you mean Pamplona". Searching Pamplona and Jaluco shows it's a common name in the area. The Paty Ramirez web site says that Hacienda Pamplona was expropriated in 1938 to create the Jaluco Ejido. With references to Antigua Hacienda de Melaque and others it seems the grand Jaluco Hacienda was subdivided over time. Some search articles show up on Diario Oficial de la Federación web site and require an account to view ... and I was surprised I could create an account.

So the interesting part came when neighbors told me the old Hacienda building still exists and stories of ghosts and buried gold. Some families have found gold in the past, some got rich and others died from the curse. If walking around at night and see a "lumbre" (glow) there should be gold buried there but only the person that sees the lumbre may dig for it. These stories were not told in jest so I assume they are believed to a certain degree along with the pleasure of the tale.

We dropped by the old Hacienda site on the outskirts of Jaluco after the school run yesterday afternoon. If it wasn't pointed out you would never know it was there. Except for a few very small brick structures there is nothing left of the house except part of one wall. The part supported by the tree may be original but the rest looks to be redone.  Still part of history for some.

Grandma in the neighbors family is 86 and she used to work as a "servant" in the Hacienda.   Huge parties were held on the grounds for workers. Very few houses anywhere in the area back in the 1940's and beyond.  I hear grandma has some interesting stories to tell and likes to tell them.

From near the road

From around back

The one remaining wall

Supported by the tree


Steve Cotton said...

Could you share directions? I am off on a new project. I will fill you in.

sparks said...

If you know the back road from Pinal to Jaluco it's on the last section on the Jaluco side ... just before you get to the CELL tower. Maybe 100 yards back from the Y intersection there's a fence you can open

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