Friday, March 14, 2014

Pre-hispanic artifacts from the Costalegre

A nice little restaurant in Barra de Navidad recently posted on the local message board that a local artifact collector would have a showing at their restaurant for one day (yesterday). No one showed any interest on the message board which surprised me and not a crowd at the restaurant when we dropped by. The collector (sorry don't have his name) said he only bring out the collection a couple times a year so if you see a notice don't wait around.

This stuff is really museum quality if there was a story to go along with it and of course a museum to put it in. Maybe the pre-Hispanic history is just too vague for this area.   You would think the history here is similar to Colima and the rest of the Jalisco coast ..... hmmmm?   Anyway, here's a couple fotos


Barbara said...

True story: When I was exporting 18 wheeler loads of furnishings and accessories in the 80s, 90s, etc., a man approached me he said he had some old things that would look great in a hotel I was working on. So I went to his house and to the back where his "studio" was located. There was tons of little things and a few big ceramic pieces. I mentioned that they looked really old. At that point, he got a can of something, it smelled like motor oil, and he said if I continue to rub these things with this, they will look older. I was astonished and didn't buy anything..........I later found out that is a typical way of making new pieces look old..

Steve Cotton said...

I wanted to see the pieces yesterday, but other circumstances intervened. I understand another showing is going to take place.

sparks said...

Just had a knowledgeable friend tell me pre-hispanic private collections are illegal so we may have a similar case here

sparks said...

I didn't ask if he makes these things or digs them up. There are laws about private collections

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