Sunday, March 16, 2014

Master electrician NOT

Been using a pedestal fan under the palapa for the last year or so but really wanted to buy a new ceiling fan. The pedestal fan was always in the way and getting knocked over by the dog. The only light in the palapa was a bulb on an extension cord. The fan I wanted with the light and aluminum blades cost a little over a 1000 pesos now and then there is the wire, switches, conduit and the work of installing it. I finally decided that that fan was in my bodega and hardly ever being used. Why not steal it and use a pedestal fan in the bodega when I need it and where there is no crazy traffic.

So the easy part was making the mounting cross piece and securing the fan so it wouldn't wobble or jump around.   Also running and fastening the green conduit and running wire through.   Even mounting the one switch and finally two wasn't a problem.  What was a puzzle was getting the electricity running where it should be. I finally gave up on the dimmer switch doing it all because the rheostat (volume control) is going to wear out if it's also off and on and speed adjust.   Separate wall switch was the best idea but the light and fan were sharing the current.   Full speed fan and no light ... having only the light made the fan rotate very slowly. Had to be they were connected in parallel sharing a limited current.  Finally a separate power and ground is what worked. Still not totally convinced I know what is going on with only 3 wires to fan motor and light. Glad I had no schedule to meet.

Copacabana fan with light

Bought wire, breaker and switch from the new gringo
electric store - Costalegre Electrica 


Steve Cotton said...

You should have a feeling of accomplishment. I would. No, what I would have had was a palapa fire.

sparks said...

I do feel accomplishment but just that it got done. 15-20 years ago I did a lot of house wiring but it was either totally new or rip out the old and make it new. Working with the Mexican color code(?) and design is another thing.

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