Monday, March 31, 2014

Finger print day for the old folks

This is not for everyone, just the ones that want to receive their bi-monthly Government assistance deposit of 500 pesos. I say deposit because they deposit directly to a Banamex account that your special ATM card accesses. It's also for those over 65 or 70, I forget which. The reason they need to come in every six months is to make sure they are still alive. The finger printing and foto ID are the extra security measures.

So not long before we made the Secondary school run Lorena said that Maria had to go to this meeting today and no one else had the ability or time to spend most of the afternoon in Cihuatlan.   I dropped them off and went about accomplishing nothing for over an hour.   Mexico has streamlined a lot of bureaucratic things in the last few years but this is definitely not one of them.   This is a painful full day if you are lucky experience.   Maria got in the disabled line so only about 3 hours for her.  If you could stand all day you probably were asked to and may return tomorrow.

Maria's problem that she has been through before is she worked so long washing clothes by hand she has no prints on her fingers (huellas or huellas de dedos).   Today again they were smooth and she has to return tomorrow.   They resolved this 6 months ago somehow and  we hope they can do it again

Front of the Casa de Cultura

Side door


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The Mexican authorities are equal opportunity in the way they manage to treat people worse than cattle.

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