Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Global Warming vs. Climate Change

I find interesting the conversations that come up when trying to answer the question about what might be the cause of this extremely rare weather occurrence that just passed from the Pacific through the middle of Mexico. Most interesting are the deniers who don't seem to believe in Global Warming, Climate Change or even El Niño. For some reason raining when it shouldn't, colder than normal and unusual droughts are better defined as an aberration rather than a pattern ... man made or not. Very strange

There have long been claims that some unspecificed "they" has "changed the name from 'global warming' to 'climate change'". In reality, the two terms mean different things, have both been used for decades, and the only individual to have specifically advocated changing the name in this fashion is a global warming 'skeptic'.

El clima esta loco!

Arroyo Seco was a trickle last Friday

For those that may have missed it, a weather system just came in from the Pacific that dumped 12-14 inches of rain (equal to Hurricane Jova in 2011) on the Jalisco coast over the weekend and continued into Central Mexico. The weather experts say it's a result of  El Niño and the warming of Pacific waters enough to release moisture to the atmosphere. Here we get back to - is ocean warming an aberration or is there a pattern of causation. Then the skeptics say there is no El Niño because an El Niño would break the drought in Texas and California. All I know is nobody remembers much rain in March, let alone a rain equivalent of a hurricane.

Weather system without a name - should have had one

La Manzanilla had 14 inches of rain

I realize we can't run out and do something just because we fear humanity may be doing this to themselves and the planet. Very little an individual can do at all. On the other hand it sounds like science deniers and climate change deniers come to their conclusions from hopelessness. All that does is end the conversation and we might as well throw up our hands.


barbara said...

It makes me crazy when people say, oh weather always changes from one year to the next! Really? Honestly, I have to control myself to keep from pummeling them...........how ignorant..........

sparks said...

Luckily I don't meet those people in person .... only online so pummeling or stomping out is not an option. Simple conversation is usually not possible

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