Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cihuatlán to Tequesquitlán

I've been told a number of times there is a partially paved road from Cihuatlán to Tequesquitlán but have always been unable to find the starting point in Cihuatlán. Yesterday was road trip day with Glen and we decided to go looking. Using Google Maps we could see the two exit roads that meet up just beyond the map below. Very possibly why I couldn't find it before is because the one on the right no longer exists and hasn't for a long time. There's a sign of it but it's totally washed out.

So off we go in the other direction, asked at a store and he drew us a map even though we were only a couple blocks from where it started. Now I have to apologize for not having my camera on the right setting so the unpaved first section with lots of water ruts did not turn out. I figured it out when we were well into the paved section. I wasn't that enthused to make the whole trip and I was a bit worried about Glen's Honda that does not have real high clearance. However he didn't bottom out once so that gives you a clue how serious the ruts were. The whole trip was probably 1.5 to 2 hours not counting the searching. We came back down highway 80.

Road on the right is washed out

We figured the pavement started when we changed Municipios

Some gravel and lots of potholes

Country side after we climbed up out of Cihuatlan

Entering Tequesquitlan

Leaving Tequesquitlan

Cane cutters after a days work

I've been to Tequesquitlan twice before from the backside of Jaluco up through Almolon. Here's a link to one trip including a stop at a Tamarindo packing house - Back Roads to Cuzalapa


Barbara said...

I love "off the beaten path" trips. Don't do enough of it any more.

sparks said...

I used to do it a lot more but I'm busy during the week and car is getting tired. Easier with Glen here

Steve Cotton said...

That drive is great. I need to make it again.

sparks said...

That was a one time trip for me. I enjoyed the route from Jaluco and Almolon a lot more for scenery. Don't remember you Blogging about it?

Steve Cotton said...

In June 2013 -- "burt reynolds is god"

sparks said...

Cool .... the dirt and huge excavations are when my camera was not working

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