Friday, March 13, 2015

Better planning for my tomatoes

I don't know if I didn't remember last year when my Cherry tomatoes grew to over 12 feet or if I doubt they will even come up. Whatever it is I'm going to have to plan better for the next crop because tomatoes go crazy here and they probably will all year. I had so many come up I transplanted a few into buckets and they will use the chain link fence on my driveway for support

The biggest issue is supporting them so I'll build some sort of cage in the planter for the next crop.  Also move my herbs out of that planter and put them in pots As well need some mulch to slow the soil from drying out. The Coco Coir plant near Cihuatlan throws fiber out by the highway and I'm going to ask if it's free. They also sell a Coir powder that is a lot like Peat Moss. A place over toward Barra has cow manure very cheap and I haven't been over there for awhile because of their road. For now we'll just keep tying them up and in a few months redesign their space. 

Planted in January and got our first red tomatoes yesterday

Here's some and I've been pruning the non fruiting branches

This is supposedly the typical Mexican Roma tomato

So may Cherries came up I transplanted a few in buckets

Coir fiber for mulch


john Calypso said...

Sparks has a green thumb - who would have thought? A man of many talents.

sparks said...

Tomatoes are just too easy. Still working on other veggies

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