Monday, March 30, 2015

A day on the beach in Barra de Navidad

Big waves and GeoTubes

It seems the whole west coast is being pounded with big surf. Surfers love it here and in famous places like Puerto Escondido. The beach and vacationers ... not so much. Most of the many visiting Barra for Semana Santa favor the lagoon side of the Malecon because there are no waves. Much safer for weak swimmers and little kids.

I wasn't aware of the 5-6 new GeoTubes they have installed. 3 or 4 more parallel to the beach out several hundred feet and 2 perpendicular but on the beach. I believe the perpendicular ones were meant to stop sand moving down the beach toward Melaque but the one below has had unexpected consequences. It has channeled the waves directly at the built up beach behind and laid bare the stone "breakwater".

After spending too much time walking the beach and Malecon looking at the surf and the Semana crowd it was time for some shade, a beer and something to eat. Our usual place is Nacho's who have Estrella and Pacifico and a very nice shrimp brocheta which is nothing like Italian bruschetta. It's simply shrimp and veggies on a stick. I usually don't like most Mexican rice but theirs is dry and very tasty. Picked up a kilo of shrimp at the local seafood store and will enjoy over the next week unless neighbors find out I have them ;)

Turbulence behind the GeoTube

Rocks laid bare

From the Malecon - new GeoTube

Up to 10 surfers out at one point (sorry, no zoom)

Nacho's with waiter Paco


Steve Cotton said...

The beach reconstruction structures seem to form a Maytag washing machine.

sparks said...

The other geotube close to the malecon seems better protected from the surf .... so just sits there. The results of the one about have to be unplanned

Hank said...

There is a ocean phenomenon occuring at the moment called a "marea de fondo" all along the Pacific coast. This is what is generating the swell. It is also supposed to end very soon.

The shrimp dish is called a "brocheta" which means skewer and not bruschetta.

sparks said...

Thanks .... I tried different spellings and kept coming up with the Italian thing

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