Saturday, March 21, 2015

Water and mud ate my brakes

I've been putting off checking my rear brakes to see why they were making noise. I had new brakes installed and drums resurfaced 4+/- months ago so I was hoping they were just dirty. The problem, at least for my car, is driving thru water and mud every day. 

So I went in to Pancho at 9:30 this morning and sure enough both rear brake shoes were metal to metal. I don't know what it is about asbestos brakes but they sure seem to dislike water. Pancho suggested metallic brake shoes at twice the price of asbestos but I don't see our wet roads going away any time soon. 

The mechanics didn't have a lot of work so he told me to wait. A little over an hour later I was ready to go. Break shoes were 350 and labor was 250 for a total of 600 pesos or about $40 dollars. I can now dive back into my wet streets.

Our road a few days ago

Metallic brake shoes

Cleaned up and ready for new

Drums were still OK


john Calypso said...

I thought Ferrari's had disc brakes all around.

sparks said...

They may

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