Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It rained so much last night

It rained so much I have fish in my pool and a bridge washed out just south of Emiliano Zapata north of Tenacatita. There is an alternative route from near Punta Perula up to the Villa Purificacion area and back down Highway 80 but it will double the distance lost on Highway 200. Primera Plus said they will be using that alternative.

We also did our shopping in Cihuatlan today to avoid Buen Fin .... the Mexican equivalent of Black Friday shopping in the US. Cihuatlan had more sand in the streets from last night than I've ever seen except when the river flooded. Heavy rain last night.

Fish in pool
Getting too cold for a pool anyway

Washed out bridge

And on to the Nahima tooth adventure ...

Sad to say she has a mouth full of bad teeth and the first of them became infected a few weeks ago. She wasn't able to sleep nights the last few days. I got a message about a woman dentist in La Manzanilla that would work on kids but she was on her way to a 2 week vacation. We had to try Dentista Woo Junior or drive to Manzanillo.  Woo Senior does not want to work on very little kids.

So Woo Junior agreed but she had to be on antibiotics for 5 days before he could pull the tooth. Yesterday at 1:30 was our appointment and we knew it would be traumatic but how traumatic ??  The whole procedure required mom holding her feet and me holding her hands above her head against the chair top.

First the topical numbing stuff and then 3 separate injections .... crying and fighting all the way.   That took by far the most time with waiting in between. The extraction is actually very fast and was no worse than the rest of it for her. Yogurt, ice cream or just about anything soft and not greasy for the next few days. Sadly she is going to suffer more of these over the next year or two but at least none are permanent teeth.

Tired out after dentist ordeal

a Raton Perez to put her too in


Steve Cotton said...

Wow! I must have made it back just in time last night from Puerto Vallarta. Another good reason not to drive in the dark.

sparks said...

Gheesh .... I guess. Hope it collapsed in early daylight, not in the dark

sparks said...

Looks like the highway was opened late yesterday

sparks said...

And did you drive in the dark? You seem to be pushing your luck in a number of ways.

Steve Cotton said...

I drove down in the late afternoon. The sun was setting just as I pulled into Melaque for dinner.

The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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