Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cohetes and things

Cohetes that are church procession related are an all year thing depending on your local communities religious celebrations. They are sky rockets larger and louder than those normally sold to the public. The big time for public sales that the kids wait for comes the month before Christmas and New Year. We found these for sale in the Tianguis Wednesday and in a few weeks we'll see roadside stands. I'm sure each explosive type has a name but cohetes are cohetes and those little white/pink things are "cebollitas" (little onions).  Don't know the name for fire crackers or sparklers. We'll fire off a few a couple times a week up until New Year.

Tamale breakfast

Yesterday sunrise at 7 AM


Steve Cotton said...

As I was driving home from a party in Cihuatlan tonight, I ran into several groups of young men who were having the time of heir lives setting off fireworks. I wanted to join them.

sparks said...

Takes me back to to past excitement especially watching the 4 year old with a sparkler

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