Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Are Seeds

I certainly hope so

Somos Semillas

The young people were 'normalistas', that is they attended a so-called Escuela Normal, schools which were set up to train young people from small farming families to become teachers and to help to emancipate their communities from oppression and poverty. They have a long tradition of fighting for democratic education and of training new young teachers to work with their communities. More recently they have been in the forefront of the struggle against the kind of reforms which see education as a purely economic process, to produce 'human capital' for corporations.

For this reason many normal schools have been closed, those that remain have been starved of cash and students have been subject to oppression by local and national state forces. It was to collect money to keep their school viable that the young people had gone to the town of Iguala on that fateful September day.


norm said...

Kent State was founded as a normal school and we all know that lament about "four dead in Ohio" . The shootings at Kent changed our nation, the 34 killed in Mexico will have the same effect

sparks said...

Kent State was about Vietnam protests wasn't it? The war is over but the US is still a police state.

Change Mexico in any meaningful and long term way .... I really doubt it.

norm said...

I believe in tipping points. The lad landing a private plane next to Red Square caused heads to roll in the Soviet Army, the trial of Lieutenant Cali changed people's views of what we were doing in Vietnam. I suspect the Mexican government is going through some introspection over its role in these killings.
As to the US being a police state-no truer words have ever been spoken.

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