Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ratón Pérez

Nahima has been wiggling her already broken front tooth for two days and talking about putting it under her pillow in a small plastic bag. I forgot about Raton Perez but recognized the tooth under the pillow. Got a phone call at 8 this morning from Nahima wished me a happy birthday and told me her tooth fell out last night.  I think she's hoping I'll be a tooth fairy too.

The Ratoncito Pérez or Ratón Pérez (Pérez Mouse in English) is a figure popular in Spanish and Hispanic American cultures, similar to the tooth fairy, originating in Madrid in 1894. As is traditional in some English-speaking countries, when a child loses a tooth it is customary for him or her to place it under the pillow, so that Ratoncito Pérez will exchange it for a gift. The tradition is almost universal in Spanish cultures, but takes different forms in different areas. He is known as "Ratoncito Pérez" in Spanish speaking countries, with the exception of some regions of Mexico, Peru and Chile, where he is called "el Ratón de los Dientes" (The Tooth Mouse), and in Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay and Colombia, he is known simply as "El Ratón Pérez".

HP 1515

So I bought myself a printer because the refills on my old Lexmark printers weren't lasting very long and  it's Manzanillo for new ones. Lexmark also does not make WIN7 drivers for old printers for my laptop.  The kids are having more and more homework and I don't want to take them to an Internet Cafe just to print. I thought the printer price of $800mx was almost good at Bodega Aurrera but when she scanned it it came out $990. Their excuse was the $800 is an expired promotion price so take it or leave it.  Oh well !!


barbara said...

Thanks for the story on Raton Perez. Matilda who is 6 will have the experience of losing a tooth soon. Now I'm ready!

sparks said...

Great ... Nahima is 4 so this is her first

mitch said...

TSA flags you at the beginning of your flight. I was also prescreened and i found it most enjoyable. It is available for 85 dollars for five years. tsa precheck bring the procedures up on the internet. If you travel a lot it would be worth it.

sparks said...

Interesting .... but that was my first flight in 2 years so not worth it

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