Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Mexico in Black and White

Not sure who passed these articles along about Gabriel Figueroa but both have related video documentaries included. The BBC article is the most recent and in English.  BBC tells you how to embed their video but it didn't work for me. Watch it on the site link. The Cultura Colectiva article is a year old, in Spanish and had a YouTube video. Thanks whom ever sent these links and for the addition to my Mexican movie knowledge. 

The appeal to me was I've been collecting old Mexican black and white movies for years and I have a few of Figueroa's without knowing he was the cinematographer. Looking back through a few movies and his stark surrealism really stands out. He worked with Luis Buñuel on a number of movies like Los Olvidados and has more great ones like La Perla and Macario below. Actually a surprising number of complete classic and not so classic movies on YouTube.

BBC - Gabriel Figueroa: Master of Mexican light  -  with video documentary

La Perla Classic

Macario Classic


John Calypso said...

My Spanish will have to get a whole lot better to really enjoy those old B and W Spanish films. I have enjoyed a few old cowboy movies from that Spanish genre. Thanks for the leads.

sparks said...

On many I find it surprisingly easy to follow the story line if well directed. Same with many of the good recent Mexican movies.

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