Monday, October 20, 2014

Dog carrying Iguana

We were headed into Melaque to drop the kids off at school and I noticed a small dog carrying an Iguana about one third his size.  The dog was moving right along so I gave my camera to Lorena while I kept up. She didn't know how to zoom but did get all fotos dead center.  This camera is set to take low res so I couldn't expand the foto. Just trivia but first time seeing a dog with iguana. Cats will try to go after them but usually lizard size is easier.

Probably to eat it but who knows


John Calypso said...

I understand they are good eating - but we enjoy them as pets around here. With no domestic or otherwise pets our casa becaomes a safe zone of sorts. We have had to warn the gardener(s) to NOT capture and take home the iguanas.

sparks said...

They say they taste like chicken. Kids try to shoot them down out of trees with slingshots supposedly for food rather than just being mean.

No idea if that dog caught it or found it?

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