Thursday, October 02, 2014

Jury Duty and a bone in the soup

I've never been called for jury duty ... at least that I know of.  I suppose there could be one way back in California that I could be hauled in for like I was years ago for a hitch hiking ticket I received on my way to somewhere else. It is a crime to not show up or give them a good excuse so I was relieved at how simple it was to contact them over the Internet.  Of course mine was easy by saying I've lived in Mexico for 9 years.
Juror ID: 000185****

Dear *** JUROR ***,

Your request to be excused has been approved. You are NO LONGER REQUIRED to report to the  King County Superior - Seattle on your original summons date.

If you would like to contact the King County Superior - Seattle further, you may reply to this email or call the court at (206) 477-1320. Thank you.

Greg Wheeler, Manager - Jury Services.

Bone Soup

A bit of an exaggeration but some versions of Pozole are not far from the above. Today we had chicken soup and it's common here to get a wing or leg in your bowl along with a bunch of veggies. I love the soup, the veggies, the flavor with peppers-salt-lime-onion on the side but it reminded me of my aversion to meat still on the bone in soup. It's sloppy eating. 

Often the cutting of a pig seems to be totally arbitrary as to what pieces end up where and connected to what. It's just so much easier to eat meat off the bone and seldom a mannerly way clean the bone at the table.  Just a personal quirk for me maybe and how I handle it depends on my hunger level.


Steve Cotton said...

I am wit you on your meat-on-the-bone aversion. It is bad enough on a plate. But in soup it is a disaster waiting to happen. I know the bones add flavor. And I use them in my soup. But I strip the meat off first and then toss the bones when the soup is ready to serve.

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