Monday, January 26, 2015

A little rain two mornings in a row

About eight this morning we had our second morning rain in a row though yesterday was not quite as dramatic. That is, no interesting cloud formations and no rainbows (arco iris or Arcoiris). Looking at the weather for the following week it looks like we may get real rain starting next weekend. It has been overcast here for at least the last week.  A meteorologist from UNAM predicts more rain than normal this winter due to El Niño. We'll see!

Front walk

Kinda rain clouds to the south

Brilliant rainbow to the north
It was actually a double rainbow from horizon to horizon

I borrowed this from the La Manz board - by Sue
The double rainbow I didn't get a good view of


barbara said...

Wow! to the rainbows. We've had rain here twice at night in the last week. HIGHLY unusual but welcome to tamp down the dust..........

sparks said...

Well we don't need any more rain .... our water table is so high around here we need boats to get to Melaque

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