Saturday, January 31, 2015

Back to the garden

Last year Linda gave me about 3 each of three different kinds of bananas, all very small so we didn't know which was which.  I planted a couple in the back corner behind the limones. They turned out to be the big ones and soon became trees shading the limes and everything else. Just had to cut them down but saved their babies for other locations, the neighbors and the lot next door. 

The small one in the second foto already had a crop of the sweet small ones but now the plant just outside my lot has got a bunch. You have to wait until a few have a touch of yellow before you can cut them so we'll see if I or the neighbors get to them first.

Star Fruit has finished it's season, Moringa has flowers but no fruit yet, Peas (Chicharo) are up but very slow, Cherry Tomatoes going crazy as well as Beefsteak, all leafy vegetables are just leaves and not very big, Radishes are just leaves with no root

Not quite ready but not secure from hungry kids

The two remaining on my lot - Moringa on left

First crop a month ago

Indigenous girl with kinda traditional dress and traditional Coke
Most of the kids wear shorts and a Tea or school clothes so this was different


john Calypso said...

Here in puerto we just had one banana tree. But it was the smaller good, tasty ones. They ripen quickly and it is feast of famine with having them. This seasons are all gone save quite a few frozen bananas in our freezer. The banana bread was scrumptious! Best bananas we have ever had - this crop. Next plant is well on its way . ENJOY.

sparks said...

Haven't tried baking but guess I could. I'd like to try banana pancakes without flower. Mashed bananas with a couple eggs and that's it. Might even buy some to try that

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