Sunday, January 11, 2015

All the unhappy people

My Internet friends ;)
The TomZap Message Board

This little scenario all stemmed from a comment I made on the price of beer. I only said when the beer prices in a more or less average bar/restaurant go above 20 pesos it's time to look elsewhere. Many places here sell for 18 pesos and are on the beach. That's not counting happy hours of which there are many. if beer prices go up for everyone that's another story. From the comments you'd think I made a direct attack on these two bar owners ... Aaron and Nohands

Spammer of all Spammer's starts off with

Sparks out of there? He was never there, here or any where else to start with.

WTF was that ? Give me your life story !!

Sparks the only lack of sense is that you always comment on everything even though you have no first hand knowkage? The market price is what it will be. My staff of 4 is here and open year round. I know that my staff/family is worth more than the min. wage here. Min. wage is less than 10$ a day. So I work hard to pay them much more. Yes to do that I need almost 2$. Does that make sense to you, Sparks?

Nohands Jack who makes up stuff and never makes sense pipes in with

hey aaron, you are so right about sparks. he could be a benefit to the community and tourism but he survives by rumours of others. as you know our very reasonable beer prices are changing  fast and even though prices are rising it is still a steal for our NOB customers.

SPARKS stick to the corner stores....

And my old time enemy Dryhouse piles on after months of behaving himself

oh jesus...two more raining on sparky's parade?, oh my...

I'm tempted to say it's hilarious but it's too sad that people feel better about themselves by trying to belittle others. They've got to be in some kind of pain ?? Aaron even used to post his restaurant Spam under his wife's name with hopes that a woman would be criticized less. And these three never answer people's questions about the area. They don't Blog or have a web site. Only Spam or smart remarks.

These guys are almost as sad as the Wicked Witch of West Melaque .... none other than Elke Gasvoda who said I contributed to Shoe's death .... in public on this message board.  There is a nut case.

Couldn't resist ;)

While we'er at it but on a different message board the almost always nasty Chinagringo.  This guy is just plain nasty without a doubt.

The Question - Re: [lindalacruz] Do I need to stop at km 21 going into Mexico?

My Answer - Aduana might stop you but don't need to talk to INM ..... unless you got an FMM when leaving

chinagringo speaks
What if someone at km21 has a different understanding of the law or rules/regulations? I am sure it will go a long way when the OP claims that "Sparks" told her that it was ok to pass straight through. 
Albuquerque, NM 

So even though these people may piss you off in the beginning .... get over it quickly and move on. Happy I'm not sure is the desired state but don't let these unhappy people regulate your your life and emotions.


barbara said...

Geez, I thought those kind of people lived North of the in calm, tranquil, laid back Mexico!

sparks said...

It's something about message boards and TomZap in particular. The somewhat sadistic moderator does not help much either.

Actually bad restaurant reviews have been getting lots of grief as well. What ever happened to free speech and open opinions

bahia_melaque said...

So you actually agree with the post about Vanilla Pimento where D&D the Golf Cart Pimp clearly berates the owner on a public forum without first having the decency of bringing the concern up with the owner in person? You wouldn't know public protocol if it bit you in your old crotchety 18 pesos beer alcoholic ass.

richardgrabman said...

You need a better class of WHINE-ohs!

Elke L Gazvoda said...

Sad and deranged, you've lost a lot of credibility and friends when you post drugged and/or intoxicated. Best to re-think calling people names, 'cause that might come back and bite you in the you know what...

sparks said...

I wouldn't have made a post like that and yes he should have talked to the restaurant which it sounds like he didn't .... but the nasty remarks that followed were no better. Who's the crotchety one is the question.

sparks said...

You'll never get a break from me Elke after the nasty public attacks. I've framed that post you made about Shoe in case you forget

sparks said...

Posting a lot on message boards just seems to piss off some people. I certainly don't hang out with these folks

john Calypso said...

Sparks - You are a good guy - the PC police will have their way and it is best to move along. All beer here in Puerto is at least 20 pesos - I will not order the stuff when it is 30 pesos or over these days. May you have a right to your opinion!

sparks said...

These people always catch me flat footed with their unhappiness. I'm thick skinned so they can dump their anger on me .... but lots of people don't post due to the unpleasantness. It's a shame

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