Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Tax time again

And you might as well do it early if you are going to get a refund.This is my 4th year using TaxACT and find it very easy and absolutely free.I'm not sure if you reach a certain income level and then it costs something but mine isn't the simplest return with even a minuscule self employment income and it's still free.They do offer a Deluxe package a number of times while you are working but I don't see the purpose.

I tried TurboTax through my bank and it was gonna cost more than my Tax man was charging. I gave that up real quick

With TaxACT you download the program and work on it at your leisure.If you used it before your previous year can be opened and refereed to as needed .... or just print out the various forms.


john Calypso said...

I use the cheapest turbo tax ($29.95 U.S. I think). Started with it years ago when our taxes were complicated - so just have stuck with it. Should perhaps try your route - but i always have to pay in - so wait until late March/early/April.

sparks said...

There may be different versions of TT but the one thru my bank wanted to charge me for each income source over one .... and a self employment form sent it thru the roof.

I may owe next year but how to mail them a check from Mexico?

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