Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spay and Neuter clinic in Jaluco

Pro Animal Melaque does it again this time with a Spay and Neuter clinic in Jaluco.  One of our neighbors dogs on Saturday and this one was way overdue by the size of her tits .... and not that old either.  Lorena's cat on Sunday along with a small sick puppy the neighbors wanted checked for free.

Sadly the vets said nothing they could do and needed a real Vet. Took the dog and girls to Mi Mascota in Barra who was open until 2 on Sunday.   The dog had been loosing liquid from both ends and needed to be re-hydrated but it was too much a shock for his system.  We got a call a few hours later the dog had died so we let the Vet dispose of the body.

Municipal office near the highway

Christine seated running the show with people waiting

The Score


feldmar7536 . said...

I'd like to help Euriel with his utiles and uniform costs this year. How much does he need to cover both of those things?

sparks said...

Thanks for the offer. Uniforms are surprisingly inexpensive. Both shirt and pants are about 100 pesos (8 dollars) each and he needs 2 sets. The Utiles (pencils, pens, folders, etc) he needs are about 20 dollars, a mochila (backpack), 20 dollars and good shoes about 30 dollars.

Any part of that you feel like helping with would be greatly appreciated. Nice family if you visit this area and care to meet them.

feldmar7536 . said...

I sent the donation via Paypal. I would love to write Euriel a note if you could send me your email or a way to get him a message!

sparks said...

I got the confirmation from Paypal along with your email address. Internet is not easy for him to access so you can write via me.

sparks said...

Hope you got my email. Will pass any messages to Euriel

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