Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren should go for President with Bernie Sanders as a running mate - the only two people on Capital Hill who tell it like it is. The rest - in both parties - are corporate sycophants.   Main problem is running as an Independent.  The Dems won't nominate her, the Repugnants sure won't.  Bernie is an Independent and isn't going to change

Eizabeth Warren has been crystal clear about her plans. The Massachusetts senator says she is not running for president in 2016, and she hopes that Hillary Rodham Clinton will. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of liberal fans out there hoping she’ll change her mind.

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barbara said...

I heartily agree with your post!

Steve Cotton said...

I was just chuckling to myself at the prospects. If we add Rand Paul as the Republican choice, it would be a political activist's dream election. But I guess that is why we live here -- to have the luxury of watching American politics from afar.

sparks said...

Almost reminds me of the Eugene McCarthy for President days except that these two may not even be running. Tt would be nice to not have to vote for the least harmful of the two for a change

sparks said...

Only differences between here and there are fewer face to face conversations about it and somewhat easier to have an excuse not to vote

norm said...

At this point in 2006, Obama was an unknown, the field is wide open on both sides of the aisle.

sparks said...

I see your point for 2006 (kinda) .... but I think this is just a few years after that. Time does play tricks on me

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