Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ayn Rand Disease

Most of my friends and contacts on Facebook lean to the left or way to the left .... so even though there is some good news, much of it is exposure of some totally insane plan from the Tea Party GOP.  Can't stand ObamaCare because it has his name on it, wanna sue Obama for Benghazi or some minor detail of ObamaCare for the 10th time.   Bitter unhappy people that are willing to bring the whole economy and government to a standstill rather than find solutions that work.

Since the GOP won't move beyond "get rid of Obama" it's really hard to tell what agenda they would try to follow if elected. The closest I can come is they are afflicted by the Ayn Rand Disease,  at least GOP up-and-comer Paul Ryan is hooked.  Problem is he didn't see the complete person and her view of Religion as Evil is not go well with the Christian Right.  The me-first, trickle down economics may have been what he had in mind.

These me-first, anti-socialism sad examples of humanity are still everywhere but I'm always hoping there will be less and less. One of these jerks really got to me yesterday on a friends blog about a Andrés Manuel López Obrador visit to Melaque.  This jerk's reply was -- AMLO is a semi-literate demagogue. I do so wish something unpleasant would happen to him.  It's not anti Obama but it's just his ever present nasty negativism that he displays on his Blog as well.   This YoYo has been off my Blog Roll for a long time.

I'm the only one who challenged the jerk including the Blog owner so had to have my say here. I hope pier review or a popularity contest wasn't why something wasn't said.  So here are a couple of ant-GOP and anti-Rand videos you should enjoy.

The Ayn Rand Disease on America - Paul Ryan's hero

Stephen Colbert vs Ayn Rand?


barbara said...

I saw that and didn't comment because that person isn't worth it. He attacked me over and over so I finally sent him a private message and told him he was a "a-hole". He has forever blocked me.....ha, as if I would read his rants any more. The blog writer you refer to is leaning more and more toward that man's beliefs lately. In fact, another blogger wrote to me recently and asked what the heck was going on? I replied that I have no idea. And, I don't........

sparks said...

It's hard to tell someones true political colors when they claim they prefer to avoid politics ... but allow lots of negative political comments on their Blog without rebuttal.

Not my Blog and not my life .... but something is missing from the picture

norm said...

I like my friend's comment the other day after a day of sailing, we were talking current politics, he said, " The GOP at its core, is just plain mean". I suspect the same could be said about the old blocker...

John Calypso said...

Sparks - I tend to not take any political view too seriously. Interestingly most issues are virtually on the bubble - 50 for 50 against. I have no desire to argue with half the people. I think it is great that there is many opinions. The many that disagree with my libertarian values will not be blocked by me - I am sure I need to hear as many opinions as possible - more info means a better decision in the end.

Also some people are more demonstrative than others - there is room for them too. I love to feel people are alive and able to get into it. A good way to keep blood pressure in check is , again, to not take it all too seriously. Will argue to the end your right to disagree with me ;-)

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