Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Non Proactive CFE

It took me 3 weeks and mutiple tries to get CFE out to cut a mango tree that was growing around my power lines to the house. Has to be done twice a year because they won't cut the whole tree down that is almost growing in the street.

Ok so they miss my house or a few others because they are less important than the main power lines .... but they are ignoring the main lines as well.  After the Monday morning storm there were close to 30 CFE guys out with chain saws and machetes cleaning up the mess and making a mess. CFE never cleans up after.

So power went out about 5AM and it took them 'till after 10 to fix the problem.  Power back on for a 1/2 hour and out again until after 4PM while they cut many, many trees down to a safe level. Just for good measure they cut the power again about 6PM for 10 minutes. I went outside and bellowed my feelings at CFE and they may have actually heard me.

Main road mess - partly storm and partly CFE

Huge tree near my house

All machete work


Steve Cotton said...

At least, you have your electricity back. I hope the Telmex folks can be just as timely. They are supposed to e here tomorrow. It will be good to have telephone and internet restored.

Felipe Zapata said...

Ah, Ms. Babs, you are quite incorrect. I have not blocked you. You are simply on the moderation list. When you leave polite comments, they are released. When the comments are otherwise, well, you can hardly blame me for putting them into the circular file. As for "attacking me over and over," I can only respond that your memory and mine differ. I never have, and never will, "attack" anyone via my website. I am polite.

And the matter of "rants." As I have shown in the past by referring readers to the dictionary, I do polemics, not rants. They only seem like rants to folks who disagree with them.

Now, go and sin no more.

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