Saturday, November 16, 2013

Invest in Buen Fin

Neighbors are all excited about Buen Fin, the Mexican equivalent of Black Friday. It started yesterday and goes through Sunday. They double checked their Elektra credit cards yesterday and are ready to spend. I don't blame them as Christmas is coming up and there may be some actual bargains out there. The problem is their list is long -- a bike for the daughter, a Tablet for the son, a dolls playhouse for the 3 year old .... and maybe, just maybe a flat screen TV.

Even though our little town try's to participate in Buen Fin it's more often a table out front with used clothing or the pawn shop that advertise. The only REAL stores are in Cihuatlan or Manzanillo. Yesterday it was decided that Cihuatlan was far enough.

I was dreading the crowds, doubted there were many real bargains and I don't really need anything. Now I'm dreading Invest 98E that has been dumping heavy rain on us since early this morning and don't want to drive in the rain except locally. Guess we'll have to see what it's like in an hour or two ... or maybe put it off until tomorrow.

Invest 98E


sparks said...

Sure enough ... we got rained out. Heavy rain until almost noon. We'll see tomorrow

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