Saturday, September 14, 2013

Storms, Birthdays and CFE

.... and Ants. I started my day with ants who had made a nest in my coffee maker. I use this coffee maker every day so how they had time to get the queen in there and lay all those eggs I don't have a clue. I took it outside, sprayed it with bug kill and then turned the hose on it. Down to the store for a jar of Nescafe since I need my coffee and will give the machine a thorough cleaning later.

Night before last a large branch fell on the power lines to the house next to Lorena's. That left the neighbors with no power, a live wire in the street and Lorena's pole bend over at about a 45 degree angle. The owner of the rental who owns the only real store in town said it's the renters responsibility. After complaining to neighbors about the owner, trying a few local CFE numbers, Lorena finally asked me if I had an emergency number. I had the National number and after about 20 minutes of explaining and telling them where we lived, she said a crew was coming. Sure enough, as it was getting dark they showed up and even tied up the bent pole. Hugo is going to case it in cement another meter higher.

So yesterday was Nahima's third birthday with a cake from Bodega and homemade tamales. About 15 of us with kids in the pool and plenty of beer. I had told Lorena I was going to cut down my bananas and plant something else so they asked if we could cut a few leaves for wrapping the tamales. They had a limited amount of corn husks and wanted to make a lot.

Nahima's cake

Banana and corn wrapped tamales

My neighbor across the street is a fisherman and knows I get weather info from the Internet. The skies were looking real ominous last night and he was going out so he asked me about storms in the area. I told him about Manuel but that it won't be here until tonight or Sunday. It did rain last night but not much. So Manuel keeps moving north and it looks like lots of rain and maybe wind Sunday and Monday.

Manuel aiming right for us


Barbara said...

Taking care of a downed CFE pole is the renters responsibility? Geez, I wish I could get away with that stuff with my renters. They come and ask me for a light bulb........and one came and asked for toilet paper.........I kid you not!

Happy Birthday to Nahima! I hope TS Manuel would dissipate as we are also getting the winds from both TS Manuel, I think and TS in the Gulf. Geez it sure is windy. Next will be the rain........

sparks said...

That's what we all thought about the landlord but since he has the only store in town open disapproval is risky.

Heck I replaced a water heater when I lived on the beach in Melaque.

They keep moving Manuel further north. Originally they had it south of Michoacan and now in the middle of Colima. Next move may be over us.

Steve Cotton said...

I am still holding out the possibility of an Ingrid-Manuel collision.

sparks said...

Not sure where you are .... but I'd stay put until Tuesday

Steve Cotton said...

I am on San Miguel de Allende through the end of the month.

The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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