Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Internet Withdrawals

Been a long time since I've had them and this was both a good and bad experience.    Good to get away and bad dealing with the frustration of trying to solve the problem.   My large external drive died a few months ago and I don't have a USB stick large enough to copy half my computer to.  Couldn't find a large USB stick in Melaque so I had to rely on some local computer techs.

Without the computer I didn't have the number of the local preferred tech so went to one that I'd gone to years ago thinking they could figure it out quickly.    First they said a virus and then a hard disk error.  Could have been a combination of both.   So for 5 days it was manana after manana with little progress.   5 days to do what I could have done in one.   I just had no way to back up files. It did require a reformat and install but that's not a real big deal.   Lost a few programs but can get most back .... and lost all this years photos.   These guys are in the Internet Cafe at the end of taco row and I suggest you stay away even if the other techs are harder to find.

So I'm back with hopefully no more problems, thinking of backup solutions and up to our necks in water.   Been a very wet summer.

I forgot to add that thanks to Google Chome as a browser ... all my lost "Favorites" and passwords were recovered.   Favorites are super simple to copy and these techs didn't bother.


Steve Cotton said...

I am headed back to the hot and wet on Monday -- I think. The respite in the highlands has been nice.

Now, I need to get my computer issue resolved.

sparks said...

Not sure what the issue is .... but try and find Omar and not the guys I used

Steve Cotton said...

I broke a hinge. I have been writing to Omar while I am on the road.

Felipe Zapata said...

I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago. Transferred photos from old computer where they had rested well for years. This morning I noticed the photos had all vanished from the new computer. Poof! Got no idea why. I had them backed up on an external hard drive, so I just replaced them. Piece of cake. External drives are sweet.

sparks said...

I agree and gonna have to make the trip to Manzanillo and Office Max/Depot. No idea why my last drive decided to die

John Calypso said...

We all hate computer problems! I have seven outboard hard drives (lots of movies, music and photos) Would hate to lose any of that stuff - but way too much stuff to double back-up. I have never had a HD failure - Glad you are back amigo!

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