Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yellow Breasted Chat

I don't often get good bird photos but this one is half-way decent. There has been a small flock of them hanging around our neighborhood and when I came home they were in my Neem tree. By the time I got out with the camera this guy was on the other side of the lot next door and none close by. The reason I like these guys is they are the most colorful around and sing lots of different songs (Not all in the video). I'm not working in this rain so why not wait for a photo.  I think this guy is all puffed up because it's cool and raining.

The Internet says they are in the warbler family but only a distant cousin. Said to range from southern Canada to Central Mexico ... but winter here. Definitely they are not wintering here. Because they like dense vegetation you often hear them but don't see them. The video has some of it's sounds buy the Audubon collection of sounds is by far the best.

Yellow Breasted Chat 

Audubon Site on the Yellow Breasted Chat with sounds


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