Friday, March 16, 2012

Melaque Marble Drop

What retired gringos do in Mexico to stay entertained ... a marble drop?? I guess I haven't been to one of these (three so far) because the idea is totally beyond me unless they hope to discover some new molecular structure by chance. Someone in town has a 20+ foot window of double pained glass that colored marbles are dropped into ... thousands guess. Maybe a Pachinko Parlor with noting to win. Now I'm wondering what the noise level is of these as they chatter down. May have to go to the next one.

Many of the folks are friends of mine and the party thrower does offer free booze and maybe food. I guess just a strange reason to have another get together. Maybe I need to spend less time figuring it out. I'm a bit concerned tho that they decided to have a Princess this year ... but she is a Princess in her own mind.

A lot of friends

Marble Drop Princess - oye!

Start of the marbles
I borrowed these fotos from Elke off Facebook


Steve Cotton said...

Princess, indeed.

sparks_mex said...

I just thought that someone that never stops talking about themselves should be a princess.

I guess others agreed ;)

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