Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another fiesta

This was a dual baptism and birthday to make it easier for the families to afford it. They rented the local party hall, provided food, tequila punch, party toys and then managed all the activities. They served the food and punch and managed all the kids games like musical chairs and the Pinata. Lots of energy spent on the kids !!!

Hugo didn't even want to go after working six days a week. He'd prefer spacing out in front of the Tele and having a beer or two. But no, kids wanted to go and mom insisted. Not that many people showed up probably feeling like Hugo on a Sunday afternoon

All parties are different and I'm usually willing to give them a try. This one was just a little too long. No problem, we have another next Sunday for the Grandma who will be 87 years old ... but this one only a few blocks away

Large party palapa rental for Melaque

Musical chairs


The diablita that mom can't wait to put in Kinder


The construction of the house finished in April 2011 and I'm pretty much settled in. As of March 2014 I'm in preparation for rain mode for this coming summer. That includes sealing and painting things and dealing with drainage issues from last year.

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