Friday, March 30, 2012

E-File Taxes

I'm more and more amazed at what you can do over the Internet and I just did my taxes online today.  The IRS website has tons of good info if you know what you are looking for; like: how to get an E-File PIN from them and a list of free or inexpensive websites/software to use.   I checked a few of their recommendations, read reviews and decided to try TaxACT.   Very happy with them so far and the website said my form was accepted by the IRS but don't have the final results.   They did have a bunch of bad reviews but it seemed to work well for me.

TaxAct had all the forms you could possibly need right from the start.   When I tried Turbo Tax last year everything was extra .... like multiple income sources and small business income.  I would have paid Turbo Tax what I pay my tax man in person.   TaxACT has down loadable software and an online version but I downloaded so I wouldn't have to be online for the 3+ hours it took me.

I suggest you have your previous years tax form in front of you to check consistency, know last years adjusted gross income and last years PIN number.   Of course you need your 1099's but most all should be available online.  Not much of a rebate this year due to IRA withdrawals to build the house .... but did get a small one and it was free !!

TaxACT Website

IRS E-File page


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