Thursday, March 29, 2012

A day with Telcel

I noticed that Telcel was upgrading their site last week even asking how much I liked to new 'interface' but they didn't have my bill ready.  Not sure if it was too early or they just hadn't finished the web site.   I went in today and couldn't even get to the login page but kept getting errors that their VeriSign security was not correct or had expired.

I went to the Online chat help and got a woman that evidently did not know they were working on the site.   We went round and round with her standard help-desk questions until she took me seriously and put me on hold.   While on hold for about 5 minutes I tried the site again and was suddenly redirected to another page that worked.  I won't claim that my call is what make them wake up but it sure was a coincidence.

Telcel has not sent me a bill in the mail even tho they said they would ... and I can't change their email notifications to an address I can access for a .PDF file which I need to pay at the bank.  I wanted to get the bill paying out of the way this week to avoid the Semana Santa rush ... but finally made it.

Now my Nokia phone on the Amigo Plan seems to be running out of minutes prematurely or minutes are expiring too soon.  I put in the minimum amount today and got service back ... but the web site still says my account has been suspended.  Hopefully their databases will merge soon so I can find out what my balance is.   It should be over 100 pesos.


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