Thursday, April 25, 2013

UNAM protesters removed again

This from International news and it just reminded me of 1998-99 when I was staying with a girlfriend on the UNAM campus.   We woke up one morning and thought it was a Vietnam like landing invasion.   Helicopters, trucks and army/police personnel were everywhere.  Students and many non-related to the cause had occupied the campus for  over  9 months and sorry to say I don't remember their cause (you can Google it).    Even though we were in Campus housing we couldn't leave for 2 days

MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's top law enforcement agencies said Tuesday that they were poised to order the removal of a group of masked individuals who have occupied the main administrative building of the national university since Friday.The occupation of the university's rectory tower is linked to a relatively minor political dispute at one of the campus' public feeder high schools, yet the incident has struck a nerve at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, or UNAM by its Spanish acronym, which has an enrollment of more than 330,000 students this year

 Mexico authorities ready to retake occupied university rectory


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