Monday, April 08, 2013

The Pool Revisited

I had first put the pool on smooth dirt, so I thought. Trouble came with the weight of the water bringing small rocks to the surface while compacting the soil. Sure enough, two small puncture holes next to each other that the kids found.

Emptying a pool that size is not fast or easy and I hadn't thought where the hose connector should be placed. Started draining just with a hose stuck in the pool like you would siphon gas from a car. As the water level goes down, so does the pressure so the flow slows. After running it into the street I remembered the grey water septic so the rest of it went there.

Brought in a half load of sand so now it has a 2.5 inch sand bed. Patched it and filled it yesterday and last night we filled it with bodies. Slowly learning the PH and Cloro balancing with a test kit and chemicals I bought at Home Depot last week.

Kids from 3 families


barbara eckrote said...

Looks like great fun!

Steve Cotton said...

I was our family pool boy when I was in high school. It taught me one thing -- I never want another one.

sparks said...

Buy a pool and you'll have friends ;)

sparks said...

Well summers coming and a pool is more convenient than the beach to cool off. We'll see

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