Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Lizard in the wall

My --kill everything that moves-- cat was checking out a cable drop outlet in the bedroom and making a fuss. I put the cat outside and shortly after heard a noise in that area and saw little feet and a face peeking thru the plastic cover on the cable outlet. I have 3 cable drops on the roof with tubes to pull wire but this one and another are not being used.

Not sure what I would find or how to handle it ... I eventually used a plastic strainer (like mosquito screen), placed it over the outlet and popped off the cover with a screwdriver. Out fell this lizard and I had him pinned up against the wall with the strainer. All I could do at that point was to yell for my neighbors who were in my yard to bring a bucket. In the bucket he goes and gets deposited in the vacant lot next door.

So now 2 of the cable drop boxes on the roof have tape over the holes and the third one still lacks a cover and I never remember to buy one. It will get done this week.

Similar lizard to the one in the wall

Taped cable drop box

Box that requires a cover


John Calypso said...

sparks - I have found little white egg shells about the size of a pea in electrical boxes mounted in our walls - apparently they like those alcoves.

sparks said...

I figured he was there out of curiosity or escaping my cat. He either couldn't or didn't want to climb 3+ meters up that tube again. Hmmmm ... do lizards lay eggs? Google here I come

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