Sunday, February 10, 2013

My first bananas

I only noticed the flower yesterday and it's open a little more to show the young fruit. Everyone said it had months to go before producing. I got these from my neighbor Linda and she didn't know what kind they were because they have a grove of three kinds. I'm thinking maybe the small sweet ones but we'll see in a few weeks.

Now if I could only get some corn to grow. With two batches from seeds I brought down last year I've gotten nothing. I think maybe a local breed next time.

First platanos and flower


norm said...

On the corn seed, look in the peasant market for corn seed, ask for what they use for roasting ears. You may have to buy fresh and dry it yourself. If you are having trouble with corn growing, your soil may be a little acid. I like crushed limestone rather than lime, it lasts longer and is not as harsh on the baby plants.

sparks said...

I looked for seed at the new Homedepot and they were out. Forgot to look further. Neighbors sell elote in a cup and on a stick so they will know

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